Grace Potter & The Nocturnals in Greenville

I was very pleased to get to go see Grace Potter & The Nocturnals at The Handlebar last night.  In all honesty they are the one band that I think I can claim real loyalty to, as last nights show was the fourth time I’ve seen them live.  And there is a reason why I have this loyalty to their performances . . . mostly because I hold that they are one of the best live acts you can see.

For those of you who might not know Grace Potter & The Nocturnals they are a funky, bluesy, awesome classic rock style group from Vermont (which makes me love them all the more that being my home state).  There music in and of itself is very good but I insist that to really appreciate them to the fullest you’ve got to watch them live.  They just get so into their performances.  It is really enjoyable because you can tell that they seem to be enjoying themselves too.  Not to mention that they can really break it down and rock the fuck out in a live show.

I was first introduced to the band at Bonnaroo 2006 andhave seen them several times since.  But, since living down in Greenville, it has been over two years since the last time I saw them play live, so it was really great when I found out, a few weeks ago, that they’d be playing right down the street from me (seriously, The Handlebar is only two blocks away from my house — it is also right next to the world headquarters of OrangeCoat, they’re good folks, check them out).  The nice thing about The Handlebar show was that it was a pretty small venue, which meant we could get close to the stage and really see the band and blow our ear drums away.  It was awesome. I really hope that maybe they’ll come back through Greenville while I am still living here.

Check out their myspace page to hear some of their music . . . it is good stuff.

~ by Nathaniel on June 10, 2009.

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