Government Doesn’t Want You to Get Sick, Kinda

So the government, that giant ubiquitous entity which we love when it benefits us but hate when it is a hindrance, is launching an initiative encouraging people to create short public service announcements (PSA) about cold and flu prevention.  The government will choose a winning video and award the PSA creator with $2,500 (though I bet they take like half back in taxes . . . fuckers).  Alright, fine, good, nobody wants to get the flu or a cold so why not encourage the creation of some PSAs that help educate people how to prevent these illnesses?

But here’s my question . . .

What about zombie prevention?

I mean seriously, yeah colds and the flu are annoying (and the flu can be deadly) but zombies are pretty much a sign of the end time.  Furthermore, this government initiative is unevenly in favor of those who understand that washing your hands regularly and not sneezing or coughing in other people’s faces is the best way to prevent flu/cold spreading.  But what about the people who know how to stop a zombie with just a 9-Iron?  Or the innovative individual who figures out how to anti-zombie retro-fit his families mini-van (much to the displeasure of the wife mind you)?

Come on government, get your head in the fucking game.  Nobody wants zombies, but nobody will be prepared for prevention if you are focusing on common sense PSAs on how to avoid getting the sniffles.

~ by Nathaniel on July 10, 2009.

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