Libraries and Ice-Cream

How can I not mention the goal of creating a library inspired Ben & Jerry’s flavor?  Such great combination of library, Vermont (the home of Ben and Jerry’s) and ice cream (that wonderful sweet treat which I have failed to eat more often lately).  I am personally fond of the first suggestion from the above post, that being Gooey Decimal System: Dark fudge alphabet letters with caramel swirls in hazelnut ice cream.  Just sounds delightful.  make it happen Ben & Jerry’s!

On another library note, I just realized that The Go-Between’s song “Karen” is about a librarian with the wondrous lines and references to literary greats:

I know this girl
This very special girl
And she works in a library, yeah
Standing there behind the counter
Willing to help
With all the problems that I encounter

Helps me find Hemingway
Helps me find Genet
Helps me find Brecht
Helps me find Chandler
Helps me find James Joyce
She always makes the right choice

Awesome stuff really

~ by Nathaniel on July 30, 2009.

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