To Tweet or not to Tweet

I feel obliged to link to Devin Coldewey’s post “Why I Don’t Use Twitter” purely for the reason that I think it offers a lot of points that are similar to how I feel about Twitter (some of which I tried to address in this contemplation, albeit not very well).

I, unlike Mr. Coldewey am a Twitterer (Tweeter? Tweet . . . seriously the pronoun thig is insanely infuriating) and have done so with a degree of regularity.  But, in my own defense (which may mean little to most people) I have maintained an ongoing skepticism about Twitter which more or less comes out as “Isn’t this just fucking ridicuous?  Isn’t it absolutely absurd and without any real purpose?”

So why do I keep doing it?  At this point it seems to be almost a kind of “well, why not?” reason for continuing to Tweet.  I certainly don’t do it for any business reason and I only occasionally link my own blog posts.  I use RSS a lot more than Twitter to find articles and posts of interest. I use Facebook and Gchat much more than Twitter to communicate with friends and family.  I also tend to use this blog and my other ones instead of Twitter when I actually have something I feel is worth sharing.  So really the only reason I can think of for why I use Twitter is just because I started to use it and haven’t made the decission to stop completely. 

But maybe I should. 

Maybe I should just quick Twitter altogether and get over it because it really serves no essential value to my life.  Hell I was that guy who made it all through college just a few years back without a cell phone so I should be able to make it through life with out Twitter.  Will I actually do it?  Probably not,  but it is worth considering.

Thanks Mr. Coldewey for your insight, I rather enjoyed it.

~ by Nathaniel on August 18, 2009.

One Response to “To Tweet or not to Tweet”

  1. Chris Matyszczyk of CNET offer a kind of defense of twitter. Sure it isn’t really a direct response to the stance of Mr. Coldewey, and I’d say Mr. Matysczyk does a rather poor job of proving one way or another whether tweets are not actually “senseless babble” (that may be indeed because the definition of “senseless babble” is quite subjective and it yet to be recognized as a sound qualitative analysis of any form of communication). But what I will give Mr. Matyszczyk credit for is perhaps bringing to light a point I think that might be missed about Twitter, which is as pointless as Mr. Coldewey and I might be able to determine that it is, people like it and use it regardless (hell I find times to like and use it as well). Perhaps Twitter could be used to make one of the best cases for the absurdity of being. That even in its very possible banality and vanity and all it’s other faults it is still functioning and getting attention. It exists and that might be its point in and of itself.

    Just some more thoughts really.

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