An Afternoon in Asheville, NC

Needing some mental health and a bit of an escape from Greenville yesterday I took the afternoon off and went up to Asheville, NC with your friend and mine, Mr. Brian “Untamed Beer” Cendrowski.  It was a good little get away.  Visited both French Broad Brewery and Wedge Brewery for some beer tasting and also dropped into Bruisin’ Ales to pick up some good bottled beers I have not had the chance to try before.  After hanging out for some time Brian and I met up with his wife Nicole “Big Gnome” Cendrowski and the whole OrangeCoat family (whom I refer to now as a family seeing as their size nearly doubled this summer and no longer are they just company but are instead progressing towards a crowd — congrats to y’all and your growing business!), who all had been up in the region for a business meeting, at The Thirsty Monk for a few more beers.  After the OrangeCoat family departed back south to Greenville, I accompanied the the Cendrowski’s to dinner at Jack of the Wood where we imbibed a bit more.  Then we also headed back to Greenville.  All around a wonderful Thursday afternoon, thanks to all who helped make it so pleasant.

As a note, I feel that I should point out, that while there was the drinking of a number of beers, them being spread out over the course of some six hours or so in Asheville and accompanied with a fair amount of food and water, really did not lead to any significant inebriation.  If you are in the mood for enjoying a wide variety of beers throughout the course of the day, I recommend a similar approach of slow appreciation.  Not gonna knock getting a bit of a buzz but for the full enjoyment of good beers proximity to sobriety is most definitely beneficial.  Just thought I’d share.

Happy Friday!

~ by Nathaniel on August 21, 2009.

One Response to “An Afternoon in Asheville, NC”

  1. As a further note, I’ve been re-reading Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and it seems like wandering around in Asheville, somewhat aimlessly for an afternoon and enjoying a number of beverages amongst good friends seems to fit right into the themes provided within that book. Is my generation the Neo-Lost Generation? We are occurring about a century after the first “Lost Generation” of Hemingway’s day and age. Interesting thought, might have to contemplate on that later.

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