BIG BREWING: Round 2, Labor Day Weekend

Well, we had a real blast with the last Big Brew Day back on July 25th and so Brian of Untamed Beer and I are back at it again this lovely September 5th.  Joining us this morning are Dan and Holly (or the future roommate contingency) who are filming the whole wild production.

Well it is about 8:50 in the morning and the the burner was just lit to bring water up to temperture for mashing the grains.  Brian is making a 10 gallon hybrid IPA (has some wheat and special B in it)  I am making a Belgian Witbier.

Today is also National Bacon Day so we are making BLTs for lunch.  We’ll also probably be rocking out to some good tunes. Also best of luck to Clemson Football who has their first game this evening.  I will not be there because of the brewing but I hope all my friends who are over that way have a blast tailgating. Go Tigers!

Very excited to be doing a live blogging again.  I will be back when when we are ready to mash in Brian’s grains.

Update 9:20 am:  We are mashed in for Brian’s IPA.  It is Bloody Mary time!

Brian’s Ingredient list:

  • 20lb 2-row
  • 1.5 lb C-20
  • 2 lb wheat
  • 0.5 lb Special B
  • 2.5 oz Amarillo at 60 min
  • 1 oz Millenium at 60 min
  • 2.5 oz Nugget at 15 min
  • 0.5 oz Amarillo at 15 min
  • 4 oz Cascade dry hopped

Update 9:40 am: We are talking about health plans and listening to Beck.  Also discussing the merits of calling people “Bitch” and shocking fat people when they try and eat McDonalds food.  Yep, that is the kind of people that we are.

Update 10:10 am: Sparge water is almost up to temperature and the mash is almost done.  As opposed to last time we intend to do a slower sparging so as to get the most of the sugar.  Hopefully this will bring out ABV up to a good level.

Update 10:30 am: Just realized that I had been setting the time ahead an hour and I just barely started drinking.  Listening to The Greenhorns (a couple of whose member joined Jack White to form the Reconteurs).  Sparging time now!

Update 11:30 am: We have sparged!  Now just letting that drain and then it will be boiling time.  Talking about writing and growing up and all those kinds of good things.  Listening to Murder by Death by the way.

Update 12:30 pm: I am bringing some water up to temperature for my mashing.  Brian’s sparge wash is just about done, then we’ll get on to the boil.  We’ll be ready to bring the wort up to poil just a little bit.  I think we are close to making BLTs soon.  Still listening to Murder by Death.

Update 12:55 pm: Just about ready to mash my grains.  Here is what I’ve got going.

  • 6 lb 2-Row
  • 7 lb Wheat
  • 1 lb Flaked oat
  • 1 lb candied rock sugar
  • 1.5 oz American Saaz at 60 min
  • 0.5 American Saaz at 15 min

Update 1:35 pm:  A few minor fiascos with boil over and water not staying warm for my mashing.  Our BLTs are ready, so we are finally grabbing a late delicious lunch.

Update 1:45 pm:  Those BLTs were fucking amazing.  Still trying to get my mash water to the right temperature.  Brain’s IPA is boiling away and smells hoppy and wonderful.  We all shared a reserved beer that I had brewed way back when.  It was a Ginger Wheat.  Felt appropriate considering that I am brewing a wheat beer today.

Update 2:25 pm: Brian is just about ready to cut the heat on the IPA and start the cooling process.  It smells so good right now with all the hop characteristics and aroma.  I am warming up my sparge water and am getting ready to sparge the wort.  Alarm just went off.  Where is the camera crew?  Filming time!

Update 10:10 pm: So I stopped blogging a long time ago because my computer overheated and by the time I realized that it wasn’t working I had already been a really long time since I last blogged.  To sum up everything our beers were made perferctly fine.  They are now fermenting.  Hopefully they will taste great.

Till next time.

~ by Nathaniel on September 5, 2009.

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