Two Path’s Into Adulthood?

So last night I went to see “Humpday” with Dan and Holly which I thought was a really interesting and enjoyable film.  personally I think it’s dialog and acting was superb.  But anyways, this morning I read this Times’ opinion piece by Tim Kreider titled “The Referendum” which very interestingly discusses much of the real life aspect of the theme that runs in “Humpday” (and no I am not talking about the man-on-man porno theme of the movie).

What it is, is a contemplation on growing up, and how we end up in such different places from our friends.  It is how we look at the way other people are living their lives and deal with that internal thought of “what if I had ended up there?”  It is the desire to change things we cannot change, while at the same time the pride and joy in the way things actually are.  It is the cognitive dissonance of adulthood, when framed in hindsight of youth past.

I am not middle aged, I am twenty-something aged (specifically twenty-five-something aged) but I can already start to recognize the feelings and views as expressed in “Humpday” and “The Referendum” in regards to how I am in a different place now than I was even just two years ago.  How I am making definite choices these days that are directing the way my life will ultimately end up.

Down here in South Carolina I am, in general, a few years younger than most of the friends I hang out with.  This is a change for me considering that in my school years I was almost always a year older than all my classmates because I had started school a year later (this isn’t to say I didn’t have friends older than I was, it is just that K-12 does a good job at limiting you to a specific age group).  So yeah, in some ways I am a bit of a kid.  Hopefully (and I think this is the case) I am perceived as relatively mature – besides my youthful appearance and lack of anything remotely constituting decent facial hair.  The point is, hanging out with people a bit older than myself has given me an opportunity to see how people live a bit further down the road of life (and for all of you my older friends, you all seem to live life quite excellently, I aspire to your success, thanks).

But still I feel I could be at a cusp and there are still different paths that I could choose to take.  Which one will it be?  I can’t know yet.  I can’t know until I am well upon it.  It can be a bit scary I suppose, but it is also exciting.  Mostly though I hope to continue having the awesome friends from my past and present, regardless of how different our lives may turn out to be.  Gotta love a good crowd of friends and family, life would be pretty fucking shitty without them.

~ by Nathaniel on September 18, 2009.

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  1. good topic. i like the blog

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