Rain Rain Rain, We’re Getting a Ton of Rain

So it has been raining a whole hell of a lot over the last couple of days and from the looks of it this is going to be continued throughout most of the next week.  Personally I am a little excited about all this because we haven’t had much rain this late summer/early fall.  Also it is good for mushrooms and fall time is a really good mushroom time.  Even more so it sounds really nice laying in bed and listening to it, I think rain is one of the most relaxing sounds to listen to when sleeping.

So yeah, lots of rain down here in Greenville, SC.  The downside of this is that Dan and Holly are planning on moving the rest of their stuff in today and that is bound to become quite messy with a lot of rain.  Weather.com (a place of witchcraft and augury – I don’t trust meteorology) claims that there is a 100% change of rain today.  The other night several of us discussed what precisely the “chance of precipitation” meant.  I think I have concluded that that describes about what percent of the day will see rain or snow or what have you.  Thus, according to my conclusion, 100% of today should see rain.  And it is raining really hard right now.  So yeah, again, lots of rain.

~ by Nathaniel on September 20, 2009.

One Response to “Rain Rain Rain, We’re Getting a Ton of Rain”

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