I like that I am getting hits through TechCrunch

Dear TechCrunch,

Thank you for sending some traffic this way.  While I imagine that this is probably the result of some automated system, I still greatly appreciate it.  I admit that I do not really very often read all your posts, mostly because I am not entirely tech savvy or that interested in the whole slew of start-up companies.  However, that which I do read is usually quite pleasing.  Mr. Arrington wrote a nice bit about the impending fight between Google, Apple and the FCC and offered a t-shirt for a certain screen capture (which sadly I cannot provide but would if I could, whether for a t-shirt or not).  All and all I find you an enjoyable entity of news, with an occassional scathing remark or bit of controversy thrown in just to keep things interesting.  Please keep up the good work, and if you’d like to keep sending a bit of traffic my way that would be fine too.


General Lordisimo, aka Lord, aka Nathaniel

~ by Nathaniel on September 21, 2009.

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