Hits on the Rise

It may be of no interest to anybody but me (but that is too bad because probably about half – or more – of what I write on this blog is entirely of interest to me alone) but my daily hits have been on a steady rise for the last few days.  This excites me because for the past six months I have had nothing but losses in total monthly hits.  September will be the first time I’ve seen an increase in traffic in what feels like a forever.

Not that hits really do anything for me one way or another, especially because I don’t host ads on my blogs, but it is nice to think that people might actually be reading some of what I write.  It is also fun to see what posts get the most traffic.  The answer . . . vampires.  This doesn’t surprise me.   I do not think it has anything to do with how much I have written about vampires (which is considerably less than zombies) but instead that love them some fucking vampires.  Just sayin’.

~ by Nathaniel on September 30, 2009.

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