Blogging the Student Life

This is a cool article from The New York Times about how several colleges/universities (specifically in the article M.I.T. and Harvard) are encouraging students to blog, uncensored or edited, and then sharing these posts with potential prospective students.

Interesting to me in a number of ways. 

First of all as a blogger, who, as I mentioned in an earlier post today, started blogging during my college years. 

Second it interests me in the involvement of the schools’ Admissions Offices.  I worked for four years, volunteering, for my school’s Admissions Office, giving tours and engaging prospective students.  Sharing my personal college experiences was a crucial part of talking about what college life was like to high school kids.  I always tried to be honest about both my good and bad experiences.  I aimed to avoid bashing the school with insult and ridicule but I also didn’t withhold constructive criticisms I had.  I feel like a blog is a great way to offer this kind of discussionand dialog.  Sure some people might abuse or missuse the freedom of open blogging, but if that is the case, just remove them (removal isn’t censorship if a person is being innappropriate and abusing their privilege).

Third (and least relevant) there is somebody in the article with the last name Lord, which is also my last name, and that is just cool.

~ by Nathaniel on October 2, 2009.

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