Three Years of the Apocalypse

It is true, as of today I have been blogging on “General Lordisimo’s Apocalypse” for three years.   If you are extremely curious how this blog started you could read my first post, but to be perfectly honest it really doesn’t make much sense (my conclusion is that I was probably drunk when I wrote it).

Truth is I started this blog just to play around a bit.  This was during my senior year of college, when I was already kind of logging out of the whole school thing and ready to be moving on to the next part of my life.  A few years prior to starting this blog I had fucked around on LiveJournal under the pseudonym Love Daddy Lord, writing absurd stories about being some kind of immortal witch-doctor from Djibouti.  I got tired of that though and so that fell on the wayside.  For whatever reason I decided to try this one out.  Part of it might have been the interest in the WordPress platform (all students at my college had been given their own WordPress blogs my senior year, which I actually used in one of my classes), it might have just been that I liked the name Lordisimo and wanted to secure it for myself, or, most likely, I was just bored and kind of thought, “why the fuck not?”

So after three years, over 800 blog posts, and probably a cool million drops of the word fuck, this is where I am at.  I  am still not entirely sure what the deal with this blog is.  It is all random and ridiculous, much of it is crazed rants.  Does it really have anything to do with THE APOCALYPSE?  Yeah, sure, I mean I figure if I’ve been writing this shit for three years now, the world really must be going to fuck.

Also is it a coincidence that I started this blog on Gandhi’s birthday?  Fuck no! If there was anybody who could stave off the end of the world it was probably that skinny dude and his weird diaper thingy.  And you know what happened to him?  Yeah, he got his ass assassinated.  So it goes.

So in closing, it has been a crazy three years.  I graduated from college, moved to South Carolina, got a real job, bought myself a car, and all and all grew up a bit.  I still drink rather heavily, I still say shit like “Jesus fucking Christ!” when I get startled or pissed, and I am still occasionally IDed by fucktard pimple faced teenagers at rated R movies (to which I unamused ask, “Are you fucking serious?”).  All and all I really can’t complain.  The world is still going to shit and that provides plenty to write about.  Who knows how long this thing will go.  In that case who knows how long I’ll go.

Fuck it!

Peace y’all

~General Lordisimo, aka Lord, aka Nathaniel

Damn straight mother fuckers!  Look at my bad ass self.  All like, "I don't give a fucking shit about this shit!  Fuck it all!"  Yep, pretty much exactly how it went down.

Damn straight mother fuckers! Look at my bad ass self. All like, "I don't give a fucking shit about this shit! Fuck it all!" Yep, pretty much exactly how it went down.

~ by Nathaniel on October 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Three Years of the Apocalypse”

  1. Wow, this may be the most inspiring post to aspiring bloggers. Everyone who is thinking about starting a blog should read this, as it kind of sums up why blogs exist: “Why the fuck not?”

    • Yeah, I’d pretty much say that that is about the gist of it. I mean, does it really matter if people read your shit or not? If they do, then great. If not then you are still getting some writing and (hopefully) thinking done. I mean it isn’t like you have to write any world changing revolutionary shit or anything. Do it because you enjoy it. Do it because you feel like you’ve got something worth writing. Do just for the fuck of it (which is personally my main reason for blogging).

      By the way, it is good to see that you have been writing some more on your own blog. Are you going to write a post about your snazzy new computer?

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