University of Florida You Get My Respect in One Aspect

In most regards I could give less than a flying fuck about the University of Florida, but @gotigersjf (who is Sandlapper Studio) kindly alerted me to this wonderful little piece detailing the University of Florida’s preparedness in case of a zombie attack.  University of Florida, you get my “General Lordisimo’s Certificate of Zombie Preparedness” for the day (if not whole week).  

I have been repeatedly shocked and appalled by the apparent unprepared nature of most colleges and universities for a potential undead onslaught.  A good example is Furman University and its overall ineffective entrance gate, which shuffling zombie hordes could easily just moan their way around.  Listen up academia, while we might like to hope that there will never be a day of the dead, this is no excuse not to be prepared.  A zombie outbreak at or near a university poses a potential of a large degree of infection spreading.  The first step to preventing the zombie apocalypse is having good preparedness plan in place (and also a not having a shitty ass entrance gate . . . ahem, looking at you Furman).

While some may laugh at University of Florida’s choice to have a zombie preparedness plan, and even the author of the article says “No one expects a zombie apocalypse” (which is a very untrue and moronic statement, seeing as at least one person does expect said apocalypse . . . me), things won’t be nearly as fucking funny when an animated corpse starts gnawing on your cranium.  So yeah, good job University of Florida, hopefully you can set a good example for some other “institutes of higher education.”

~ by Nathaniel on October 2, 2009.

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