Full Blown Fall?

It seems that autumn has more or less made itself present down here in South Carolina (even considering that we are still hitting a few days in the 70s and today’s forecast even predicted low 80s).  While I am not really looking forward to cold weather again, I can’t complain too much about Fall, because it has always been probably my favorite season.

In fact a good autumn is one of the things I most miss about New England while living down here in the South.  We just don’t have it the same. Now, sure, it sounds like my folks are experiencing all sorts of cold and nasty weather right now, and for the most part (besides some rain here and there) things have been very lovely down here, but truth be told I think there is a lot more character in a New England autumn than there is in the fall down here.

I wonder what effects the seasonal weather patterns have on the demeanor and characteristics of people living in different places?  Obviously environment plays a role in how we live our lives, so it is safe to assume that living in a colder rainier part of the country would shape some personality.  I am not talking about an overall cultural things such as Inuits living in the arctic lands or Bedouins living in the desert, but more the broad aspect of people who have mobility or have replanted themselves in different regions.  Is my personality different since I moved down to this relatively warmer and more pleasant part of the country?

Strange thing to think about, but it is what I’ve got this morning.

It is raining too, that’s cool by me.

~ by Nathaniel on October 7, 2009.

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