Fuck Monster Energy Drink! Long Live Rock Art Brewery!

So some of you, specifically those of you who browse the web for beer related news, may have heard that Hansen Beverage Co., the producer of Monster Energy Drink, is acting like a a real jerk and taking legal action against small Vermont craft brewery Rock Art for supposed infringement from the brewery’s Vermonster Barley wine (if you haven’t heard about this check it here or here or all over here). 

Honestly I think this might be one of the biggest pieces of fucking bullshit that I’ve heard coming out of a huge corporation for a while.  Okay, let’s make a few things clear.  Rock Art is a small Vermont brewery, which doesn’t even have that huge a distribution.  The supposed beer that is offending the  Hansen Beverage Co. is a barley wine style beer, which means that it is super malty and sweet and really and in the case of the Vermonster (ABV at 10%) very hoppy too (100 IBUs).  This is an all around extreme beer, and while I assume it is very tasty, the high level of alcohol and extreme maltiness and hoppiness, likely means that it’s following is probably limited to a beer enthusiast population (I imagine drinking a beer like this could give an American domestic lager drinker a straight up stroke from the blast of intensity).

Now how this beverage is a threat to such a huge money making corporation as Hansen Beverages Co. is beyond me.  Let’s think about some things here.  Again consider the described “offending” beer above and then contrast it with and energy drink.  Not a lot similar besides the fact that they are both a forms of beverages (well energy drink hits borderline for beverage in my opinion as I, personally,  think most taste like rancid SweeTart water which has been drained through a a used oil filter).  The labels  and packaging have not the least bit of resemblance, so that shouldn’t be an issue.  What’s left . . . hmmm . . . tha name?  Lets see now Monster Energy Drink and Vermonster American Barley Wine . . . um, what?  Oh, wait, there it is, If you take the “Ver” off of Vermonster, you get “monster” . . . oh you know what, fuck you Hansen Beverage Co.!  Seriously, I might not be a lawyer, or even know that much about copyright infringement, but this just reeks of bullshit.

As, Matt Nadeau (the owner of Rock Art) points out in his YouTube video (seen on the links, embedded below) this just strikes as a case a huge rich corporation wanting to pick on a little guy just because they have the money to do it with very little effort.  Monster Energy Drink is distributed all over the place to a huge audience (including to kids and teenagers who are too young to be drinking – or at least buying – beer) and is racking in the dough like crazy.  Rock Art on the other hand has a relatively small distribution of which it can only market to adults over 21 in the first place, and again, this isn’t even likely a beer that would appeal to the majority of the beer drinking population.  Really it is just bullying, and it sucks.

Growing up in Vermont and going to school in New Hampshire, I have had a number of occasions to drink Rock Art’s beers.  I have not personally tried the Vermonster Barley Wine, but I can speak for their other beverages, and can say that they do a very good job with their beer production.  Being an avid fan of craft brewed beers, I think it would be tragic if Rock Art was damaged by the expenses of fighting a legal battle with a huge and wealthy corporation.  Here is a guy, Matt Nadeau, who has been living the American Dream of succeeding at starting his own business and maintaining that success, and it might all come falling down because somebody at Hansen Beverage Co. decided to pick an unnecessary and unjust fight.  In the words of The Dude/George H. W. Bush “this aggression will not stand.”

Here is Matt Nadeau explaining the situation:

Support Rock Art, boycott Monster Energy Drink!



Editor’s Note: I refuse to offer any links to either Hansen Beverage Co. or Monster Energy Drink on this post because I am already on board for boycotting them for their above described actions.  While it is necessary to use their names for the sake of the article I have no desire to direct traffic to their sites.  If you need to know more about them might I suggest a Google search?

The comments within this post, solely express the opinions and beliefs of the author and in no way reflect opinions, beliefs, or stances of anyone else.

~ by Nathaniel on October 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “Fuck Monster Energy Drink! Long Live Rock Art Brewery!”


    That’s all I could think of…saw this in Seven Days last week and the Brattleboro Reformer most recently…but I know, seriously? I want to hurl cans of Monster at the lawyers for Hansen and hit them in the head.

    • Yeah dude I know. I take even further offense in the fact that Rock Art is located in Morrisville, not even five minutes away from Grampy’s house. How dare Monster threaten a great Vermont craft brewery. They are fucktards!

  2. So it cracks me up . . . with all the attention this matter is supposedly getting the offending beer, the Vermonster, has actually been provided its own Wikipedia page. The page was just put up last night. Whether or not the page remaians on wikipedia is not important here. what is important is that it seems that ultimately, Hansen Beverage Co’s decision to pursue legal action to the small Rock Art Brewery is helping the marketing of that brewery and beer a hell of a lot more than they probably could have previously expected, all the while tarnishing Hansen’s and Monster’s reputations by making them labeled as huge corporate bullies.

  3. How do you boycott something you never use? It’s a tree falling in the woods type of question.

  4. […] about the whole debacle last week in this somewhat angry post.  it seems that Hansen Beverage Co. backed off after getting this awesome letter from Vermont […]

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