Signs of the Apocalypse: Intro (Part II)

So it seems that I was not quite finished with the introductory post on the new Signs of the Apocalypse category.  I could have just added this as an update to the end of the previous post, but seriousl, where the fuck is the fun in that?

So this addition to introducing the signs of the apocalypse is an acronym I will likely be finding use for.  That acronym is GDAFSA which stands for, quite simply, God-Damn another fucking sign of the apocalypse.  this acronym was propsed by Dan.  The suggested pronounciation (nstead of saying all six letters) is gafsa with a silent D.  Though I could be down with godafsa too (especially because it kind of sounds like Gaddafi, who is himself a definite GDAFSA moment). 

So yeah, I think that just about wraps up the intro to the catagory (but ti might not).  Now just eyes open for any shit that warrents a bit of GDAFSA.

~ by Nathaniel on October 16, 2009.

One Response to “Signs of the Apocalypse: Intro (Part II)”

  1. […] faith in democracy and willing to slip-slide back into their totalitarian soviet ways.  A definite GDAFSA moment if you ask me.  The last thing the world needs is a new totalitarian run Russia, especially […]

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