Signs of the Apocalypse: Russians, “Fuck Democracy?”

Well not quite, but a poll within the huge nation formally known as the USSR, suggests that it’s population is loosing faith in democracy and willing to slip-slide back into their totalitarian soviet ways.  A definite GDAFSA moment if you ask me.  The last thing the world needs is a new totalitarian run Russia, especially considering that the country still has a significant nuclear arsenal.

Does the poll mean that Russian democracy has failed outright?  No, of course not, but it does raise some concern.  Relations with Russia over the past couple of years have been shaky at best, and if the population of Russia are not really behind democracy then you can guarantee that the ruling “post-soviet” oligarchy will be fine with that.  It just sticks out as disconcerting.

But, hell, what the fuck isn’t these days?

~ by Nathaniel on October 16, 2009.

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