Signs of the Apocalypse: Junk Food = Heroin?

Well kind of . . . at least for rats.  Really you should just read this article which discusses findings that indicate that processed foods high in salt, fat, and sugar might affect us in similar fashion that addictive drugs do.

Why is this a sign of the apocalypse?  Well probably because it kind of suggests that a good number of us might be junkies . . . junkies for junk food.  And hell, have you ever seen a junkie do much of anything worth shit besides be all crazy for the next hit?  No, you haven’t, because they’re fucking junkies.  Point is, a sign of the apocalypse doesn’t have to be a stray asteroid or the dead rising from their graves.  It just as well may be a nation full of fat ass food junkies looking for their next fix . . . all the while missing the inevitable alien invasion fleet.

Just sayin’




Note: I’m not about to claim that I am better off then these junk food junkies mind you.  I fully admit that I have a serious addiction for things like candy, burgers, and frozen pizza.  But heck, at least I can admit the addiction.

~ by Nathaniel on October 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Signs of the Apocalypse: Junk Food = Heroin?”

  1. I appreciate the link my friend. Nice blog 🙂

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