The Disliked Flavor/Food: Orange

I tend to think of myself as being a pretty open and accepting person when it comes to food stuff and different flavors.  There are truly very few things that I dislike or find gross to eat.  Some of the foods I now eat regularly, like mushrooms, eggplants, coffee, etc. took me a while to get accustomed to, but now that I am I count them at intrical parts of my diet.  All that being said, I am coming more and more to an awareness of one particular flavor/food that I really cannot stand.  Orange.

I don’t know how long I have disliked oranges, and orange flavor, but I do know that it has been years since I last drank orange juice.  In fact my dislike might have to do almost entirely with orange juice, of which the scent is enough alone to make me gag.  A strange thing to dislike, I know this, but it is what I got.  The strangeer thing about it is that it isn’t so much that I can’t eat anything orange flavored (except orange juice, which I really think would make me vomit), it is just, that if I have to choose a flavor I’d rather pass on, it is orange. 

A good example is orange candy.  I am a self regarded candy junkie, but, that being said, I will pretty much always leave the orange flavored candies for last or avoid them all together (on the other hand I rather like licorice candy, which many people find repulsive).

Also the orange fruit itself.  I can eat it, but I would much prefer any other citrus over them.  This includes limes and lemons (I actually love limes and can pretty much eat them alone).   So it isn’t even the citrus flavor that I find unsavory, just orange itself.

The one place where I have become rathe accepting of orange flavor is when it is used in beers, especially of the belgian style.  For example the witbier I brewed has a pretty significant orange taste to it, but I don’t mind it at all.

When it comes down to it (besides orange juice) I can handle most things with orange flavoring, or the fruit itself, I just prefer not to, and will make a great deal of other choices before willingly persuing orange. 

This morning I took a shot of DayQuil to help fight my cold.  DayQuil (the liquid kind) is orange flavored.  all I could think about is how much more I prefer the cherry or licorice flavor of NyQuil.  I’d gladdly have taken either of them instead if it were not for the fact that they pretty much just make me pass out.

~ by Nathaniel on November 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Disliked Flavor/Food: Orange”

  1. I take this entire post as a personal attack against me, my company, and my University.

    PS: Orange juice wards off all sickness. You don’t need the H1N1 vaccine when you have OJ.

    • In my defense, my dislike of orange only extends to the realm of food stuff and flavors (as I have solely pointed out in the above post). I am actually quite fond of the coloration created via the mixing of red and yellow primary colors. Furthermore, I think it is a fine and worthy form of light radiation to be used in representing various academic institutions and businesses.

      All that being said, fuck orange juice, the stuff is gross. Period

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