Tea Drinking

I know I have written a fair number of posts on my love of coffee, but I feel like I have likely over looked my equal love for hot tea.  So here it is in brief.

Truth is I have liked tea much longer than I have really enjoyed coffee.  This is probably because I have been drinking it since I was a little kid whereas I only started drinking coffee in college.  And in college I was much more prone to drink tea than coffee anyway. 

Of course my tea drinking has changed from my youth.  As a kid I liked it with honey and sometimes a little milk.  Eventually I geve up the milk but still really big into the honey (or just sugar).  In college I started really drinking tea as is (no milk or sugar) because I found that I could appreciate the different flavors a lot more when not masked by adding anything (I have recently begun to do the same with coffee, drinking it black, to find the subtle flavors inherent in the beverage).

Personally I am a fan of black teas, especially Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea.  I like green and white teas too (especially Jasamine Green tea) but tend to purchase them a lot less.  I also enjoy a wide range of tisanes, commonly called herbal teas (which do not actually contain tea leaves). I like iced tea on occassions and can handle the Southern favorite of sweet tea, but I tend to drink it a lot less than hot tea.

All and all the hot beverages are delightful, whether tea, coffe, hot chocolate, etc. I will continue to consume them all and am always pursuing new and interesting flavors and types (Holly just bought some anise herbal tea which was very good and kind of reminded me of non-alcoholic, hot ouzo).

~ by Nathaniel on November 12, 2009.

One Response to “Tea Drinking”

  1. I actually keep a huge box of Earl Grey tea in my office at work and will generally drink a cup or two a day. So fucking good.

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