Ideas and Things Which I Have Thus Far Liked Today

The primary idea/thing which I have liked today is that fact that at 5 pm (Eastern Standard Time) I will officially begin my one week of vacation, in which I will likely bum around a lot, probably drink a good number of beers (and maybe brew one), eat a lot of food, and all around just revel in the pleasure of not having to work.

But beyond that, I have encountered a few other things that I have enjoyed thus far this Friday.

First off, two things, both made aware to me by Jason Kottke on his blog.  One, is a wonderful discussion by Milton Glaser on the joys of drawing and how it is a form of thinking. Another is a great little piece of designing creativity done by Scott Campbell, Marcelo Lourenco, and Pedro Bexiga.  It is truly wonderful.

Also, I have to admit that I am pleased to encounter Mr. Campbell’s artwork.  I find it quite refreshing and enjoyable.

Flying whale cloud vehicle

One of my favorite pieces of Mr. Campbell's that I have found. Flying whales are awesome (via Scott Campbell's Flickr stream)

 Other things that I have liked so far today?  This discussion about the language used to describe “co-brothers-in-law” is pretty great in that it points out an often overlook detail in regards to how family works, in that essentially a lot of it is based on the language of inclusion within a family unit.  Greaf stuff.

Also, Folk/Bluegrass music.  It has just been making my morning so far, that and drawing doodles of shrimp cocktail on sticky notes.

Good times.


~ by Nathaniel on November 20, 2009.

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