Back from Vacation

Hi folks!  I’m back!

For some of you (like 99% of you) this probably means squat, but for those of you playing the home game, you may have noticed that I have not written a post in ten days (since Nov. 20th).   “Why?” you may ask.

Because I was on vacation, and to get the full worth of it I decided to for go more than just my employed work, but to also avoid things like blogging, twitter, coffee, 6:00 am, etc.  In fact, in general I did pretty good at staying away from my computer as a whole, using it only to occasionally check my email, browse the headlines in the New York Times, and to watch movies on Hulu/Netflix.  All and all it was a great escape of sorts.

So what did I do?  Did I go to far off exotic places and interact with strange and wonderful people?  Well I did not go to far off exotic places, in fact I did not even leave Greenville.  As far as strange and wonderful people that is a matter of perspective, but I will say I greatly enjoyed my time with everyone whom I hung out with over the past week.

Basically I bummed around a lot, ate a lot of food, drank a lot of beer, and all around just enjoyed some mental health time.  About the extent of heavy work I did was confined to brewing a beer last Tuesday, washing my car on Wednesday, and cooking/eating a lot of food for Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Besides that I just made good being lazy and relaxing.

But now it is 7:00 am on Monday, Nov. 30th and I am due back to work in a little over an hour.  I have my first cup of coffee.  I know what I am bringing for lunch today.  I won’t claim I loved hearing the alarm at 6:00 (especially ’cause I had a fucking shitty time falling asleep last night) but I am ready to go back to work.  And the nice thing is that I only have less than three weeks until I am on vacation again, and then I will be traveling up to Vermont for Christmas with my folks.

So yup, getting the gears grinding for work once again.

Good to be back.

~ by Nathaniel on November 30, 2009.

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