Long Trail and Otter Creek Breweries to Merge

This is a cool interesting little thing.  It looks like two of Vermont’s largest breweries, Long Trail Brewery and Otter Creek Brewery, are close to a merger.  If the merger goes through successfully (which I suspect it will) it will create the third largest beer sales in the State, and the largest by a Vermont brewery ( I assume beating out Magic Hat and Harpoon — that is if Harpoon is actually kept in the category because of their Boston plant).

The thing that I am most relieved to read is that the merger will not change the products/brands of either brewery.  This pleases me because both Long Trail and Otter Creek brew some personal favorite beers of mine.  Fact: The first beer I bought my Junior year of college (probably my first day back to school), which was the first year I was old enough to buy beer, was a mixed pack of Otter Creek beer.  The Copper Ale , Stovepipe Porter, and Vermont Lager are all amazing brews.  Long Trail also holds a special place in my beer drinking enjoyment, especially for it’s Blackbeary Wheat beer which may very well be the best fruit flavored beer I have ever had (this coming from a person who really doesn’t care for fruit flavored beers, Magic Hat’s #9 and Blackbeary Wheat being two of the only ones I regularly enjoy).  Also, Long Trail Ale, the breweries staple, is just a solid and enjoyable beverage.  I hope that only good things come about through the combination of the two companies.

Honestly, reading about this is just getting me excited to be going up to Vermont in about two and a half weeks.  I’m going to have to pick up some beer over the course of my week long vacation.  God I love my Vermont beers.  It is going to be great!

~ by Nathaniel on December 1, 2009.

One Response to “Long Trail and Otter Creek Breweries to Merge”

  1. An interesting thing about the Blackbeary Wheat, for those not in the know of this Vermont beer, is that while the beer is a relatively low alcohol content and mild flavor, is that because of its popularity, a little over a year ago Long Trail began producing it year round as opposed to just during the summer (it was originally only a seasonal brew). In college I remember it being a real treat to find one of the last twelve-packs during the beginning of the semester. Seriously, it is a delight when it comes to wheat and fruit beers.

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