Fantastic Cthulhu Inspired Art

There are many levels of nerdry and geekiness, some which I find captivating and wonderful, others that annoy the shit out of me.  On one hand I will always hold a degree of resentment for the hardcore cosplay Trekkie dorks and fucking tweenie-bopper Twighlight crowd but on the other hand if you can drop a well placed Dune reference or happen to be able to describe in heavy detail the geological changes and impacts of the Mesozoic Era then you will have gained high respect in my book. 

One realm of dorkery which I have become particularly fond of in recent years has been all things that deal with H. P. Lovecraft and his insane stories.  I am hardly alone in this fascination and love, considering that Mr. Lovecraft’s works have created a whole fictional mythos, the aptly named Cthulhu Mythos which has inspired numerouns authors, artists, directors and fanboys/girls for quite some time now.  As such I direct you to this lengthy blog post which collects a great number of pieces of artwork inspired specifically by Mr. Lovecraft’s best know monstrous creation.  It is wonderful to see who people in the visual arts attempt to bring life to the beings of pure madness that exist within Mr. Lovecraft’s stories.  Enjoy!

~ by Nathaniel on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fantastic Cthulhu Inspired Art”

  1. Late October and all of November take my mind to things Lovecraft. The cold clear nights and malevolent stars calling to their ancient patrons and reminding us that we are less than food for them.

    • Cold rainy days like today make me wonder if perhaps we are nearing the advent of Nyarlathotep. It is good weather to curl up one’s bed with a dusty old copy of the Necronomicon.

      It is funny because I was telling somebody recently how I miss New England autumns because I feel that they bread a much moodier and angst ridden feel than the reletively pleasant falls down here in the south. As such it is of little surprise to me that both Lovecraft and Poe were from the dreary northeast.

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