Morning in Vermont

Good morning all.  It is Sunday morning and I am sitting around in my parents house up in Vermont.  The sky outside is gray and the ground is white with snow.  And while I have now been here for three cold days I have yet to see any of the white stuff falling from the ubiquitous clouds overhead.

Haven’t done a whole hell of a lot since I been in the Green Mountain state.  Partially limited by mobility (my family has only one working car right now, a manual transmission which I cannot drive).  Wandered about in Burlington a bit, drank some beers, watched some hockey, and all and all I have just taken it easy.

I finally feel like I have re-acclimated enough to stand the wondrously cold weather up here (only 11 degrees right now, -2 with wind chill).  I will continue to relax and try and stay warm and all around just be pleased to be in Vermont for awhile.

Hope everyone is doing well wherever they may be this holiday season.

Catch ya soon.

~ by Nathaniel on December 20, 2009.

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