Sometimes You Just Need to Get Out . . .

. . . and have a fucking drink.

And that is precisely what I did today.  My cousin Rebecca was in town and we went in to Burlington, to the Vermont Pub and Brewery, and had some beers and food and just hung out for awhile.  It was great.  For the past couple of days I have been pretty holed up in my parent’s house, which has been relatively relaxing (not a whole of shit to worry about holed up in a house in the middle of the country in Vermont) but I have to admit it was getting a bit boring.  So it was good to get out for a bit and just unwind.

Rebecca and I were pretty close as cousins growing up, but since our college years we haven’t seen each other much.  She’s been living at my Grandfather’s old place (which has been vacant since he passed away about a year and a half ago) and making sure things are in working order.  It felt nice to catch up some with family, especially one who is about the same age, and has a number of shard experiences as me.

So far Vacation is going pretty good,though I am definitely getting to that point when I am like, “Okay, this has been fun, but now I’d like to get back to my normal life thank you very much.”  Visiting family on vacation can be really great but it is also a lot of work and just draining.  Being an adult now (well for the most part) I really value my own freedom and ability to take care of myself and as such can only stand the family thing for so long.  Let’s put it this way, it won’t be too hard to get on the plane back south.

All that being said I plan on enjoying it while I am at it.  My dad is cooking up some pork chops right now and they smell absurdly good.  Can’t complain in the food category.

~ by Nathaniel on December 22, 2009.

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