Dinner Served Raw

I had dinner over at Meg and Evan’s yesterday evening.  It was a unique dinner in that it was a meal composed entirely of raw foods, following recipes from a raw diet cookbook.  Meg did a great job in the preparation of the food. While I cannot even begin to remember everything that we had (it pretty much all had nuts in it) it was all very delicious.

That being said I am still a little at a loss about raw foodism.

I get it, kind of.  The idea being that eating uncooked and unprocessed foods provides greater nutrients and an overall healthier diet.  While I can see this, and while I enjoyed the meal last night, I have a hard time imagining wanting to pursue such meals as my only option.  Personally I think that most of the dishes would make wonderful sides to other non-raw (aka cooked) foods.  But eating solely raw seems strange to me.  This may be partially due to my belief in not restricting my diet in a way that deprives me of the potential of eating something I enjoy (it is the same reason why I will probably never go full vegetarian).

The best that I can think of for personally making and eating raw foods is that it offers a different perspective on how to prepare food.  being one who loves to cook I am always looking for new dishes to create, and raw food offers a wide variety of opportunity.  Also, it provides an interesting challenge in flavor combinations when you are limited to uncooked ingredients.

definitely worth looking into and considering (to a degree).  If there is anybody out there who does sustain themselves on a raw food diet I’d love to hear your personal perspectives on the whole thing.

~ by Nathaniel on December 29, 2009.

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