Happy Last Day of 2009!

Well today will just about wrap it all up for the whole 2009 thing.  Good or bad it has come and gone and we are moving on into 2010 (the second fucking decade of the 21st century!).

Personally I cannot complain a lot about 2009.  I kept my job.  I bought a car.  I managed to keep renting the same house.  I made a lot of new friends and enjoyed a lot of good times with old friends.  I got to visit some people I went to college with for the first time since I graduated.  I brewed a bunch of beer and found a ton of mushrooms.  All and all I just had a blast!

Sure the economy kind of sucks and Obama has proved kind of disappointing (along with pretty much everybody in politics) and we are fighting stupid fucking wars and all that “bleh!”  But I’ve long held that you got to try and look through the mess and find the good.  I feel like in 2009 I have been pretty successful with that.

But now it is at an end and we are all eagerly anticipating the New Year.  Let’s start it on a good foot huh?

Happy New Years to you all!

~ by Nathaniel on December 31, 2009.

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