Habanero Stout is Bottled

Ending a busy extended weekend yesterday I finally got around to bottling up my Habanero Stout, which has been sitting in the closet for well over a month now (since initial brewing that is). 

I am terribly excited about this beer for a number of reasons. 

First off this beer is my first anniversary of starting to homebrew.  It is also a stout style beer which is what the first beer I brewed was (that was an Irish Stout).

Second, this is unquestionably the most intense beer I have brewed to date, in both flavor and ABV.  The habanero came through very strongly making it a spicy beverage (though certainly not to the point of being undrinkable).  Pair that spice with the very obvious alcohol level (this beer is currently hitting the 11% ABV mark making it the strongest alcoholic beer I have brewed) and you have yourself a very powerful one-two punch of intensity.  But even with this intensity the stout qualities are still present and enjoyable.

Third, this was the most ridiculous (and somewhat haphazard) brew I have done.  Really I was not remotely equiped to handle such a beer but I persevered nevertheless and it seems that the results have come out quite good.

The one downside to this beer is that it is a slightly smaller batch (about 4.5 gallons as opposed to 5.  So not too much less) and it was also quite expensive.  Ultimately neither of these things bother me too much.

Eliza and Dan were on hand helping out with the bottling process (thank you to the both of ya) and tried some of the unconditioned beer with me.  We all agreed that this is quite the brew.  I cannot wait to see how the bottle conditioning turns out, because even without carbonation this was a rather enjoyable drink.

Man, I sure love beer and brewing and all that stuff.  Also excited to have another beer, a Rye Brown ale which will soon be ready for bottling too.  Beer beer beer, I love beer!

~ by Nathaniel on January 4, 2010.

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  1. […] challenge proposed by our friend (and amazing brewer) Bobby C.  My victorious brew was my Smoked Habanero Imperial Stout (aka the FuckMonster . . . Dan’s name for it).  Dan in fact shares part of the victory here […]

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