Dear SMBC . . .

Dear Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal,

First off let me tell you that I think you’ve got yourself a pretty witty and absurd webcomic going on.  I rather enjoy it and hope you keep up the good work.

All that being said I must express a degree of concern regarding your comic of today (Wed. Jan. 6th, 2010).  I cannot help but notice a striking similarity in this comic to a proposal I made in regards to grandmothers’ souls powering toasters back in September 2007.  Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not in the business of accusing people of stealing ideas, especially out here on the behemoth of a thing that is the Interwebs, but if you may have happened to have stumbled up my blog post and if in turn it had lit a spark in your creative being, I certainly wouldn’t mind the little shout out saying, “Yo, got this idea from that clever dude General Lordisimo!”  Now of course there are differences. I propose necromantic arts, you suggest advanced alien civilizations.  Minor details I insist.  As far as I can tell aliens are just as likely to have developed studies in the dark arcane as humans are.

Anyway, thought I’d just see if the coincidence is a bit less than that.  If it ain’t well then I’ll just let it slide for now (but I will be keeping an eye on you).


General Lordisimo

~ by Nathaniel on January 6, 2010.

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