How to Charade a Claw-footed Bathtub . . . A Personal Demonstration

This weekend a bunch of us were playing the game Cranium. Part of the game requires some charade doing.  While this might not ever be something that any of you all will ever have to charade, I was given the challenge of demonstrating a claw-footed bathtub to my teammates.  Right near the end of our timer Eliza got the correct answer.  Everything about this was awesome!  For posterity purposes (obvious . . . it would never be for the sake of demonstrating how ridiculous I look here) Aaron kindly recorded the entire occurence and posted it on the Interwebs through the YouTube. Enjoy!

~ by Nathaniel on January 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “How to Charade a Claw-footed Bathtub . . . A Personal Demonstration”

  1. You have a gift, my friend. Don’t hide that in a bushel basket.

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