Signs of the Apocalypse: Jesus Rifles

The New York Times’ Schott’s Vocab directed me to this term in this brief blog posting.  Now I feel like it is important that I point out that I am not suggesting that this is a GDAFSA because it has a Christian theme, but more so because I kind of wonder how the Biblical Jesus would feel about passages about him appearing on the scopes of killing weapons.  I mean, correct me if I am wrong and all, but I kind of recall reading about Jesus being quite into the whole peace and love thing, not into the “hey let’s snipe the shit out of those mother fuckers” attitude.

Anyway, there are further problems with the Jesus rifle-scopes.  First off is that they are appearing on military weapons, which, as the post points out, seems to break the U.S. military’s rules against proselytizing.  I tend to agree with the rules against proselytizing in the military because the military is representative of our secular government.  That isn’t to say that individuals within the militray are not allowed their own personal faith, it is more to suggest that I think it is not right to advertise a certain faith on any specific military equipment.  If a citizen wants to mount a Jesus rifle-scope on his or her hunting rifle that is one thing, but if it is tax dollar equipment for the militray then it shouldn’t be allowed.

The second problem (also mentioned in the post) is how will enemy combatants react to being shot at by “Jesus rifles?”  Consideirng our numerous armed conflicts in nations with a predominantly Muslim population this might really be the wrong way to win hearts and minds.  A lot of effort has been made to point out that fighting terrorism and extrimists is not a Christians versus Muslims kind of thing, but if the army is packing heat that references biblical passages this just might be how it is interpreted (and I can foresee that causing to major problems).

Thirdly and lastly (and probably least important), isn’t the term “Jesus Rifles” more appropriate for the name of a Christian Heavy Metal band?  Or if not that, perhps the way that some radical fringe Christian group decides to try and spread the God-love (I envision a pastor saying, “And then low and behold, our good Lord and Savior takes his ol’ Jesus Rifle and blasts the God-love all over the world!”  Note: anyone is free to use that hypothetical quote however they’d like).

Seriously, if you have a faith, and want to adorn personal property with symbolism from that faith, then as far as I am concenred go right ahead and do it.  But please, if you don’t mind, refrain from making things like Jesus Rifles or Buddha Bombs or Krishna Cannons, it just doesn’t seem all that proper.  Ya dig it?

~ by Nathaniel on January 26, 2010.

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