Learning New Things About My Car

I have owned my car for a little over a year now and yet I am still discovering new things about it.  I few weeks back I figured out that I could circulate heat/AC in the car by pushing a button (which I had not previously realized was a button).  This morning I learned that if I leave the keys in the ignition and exit the vehicle the car will automatically unlock all the doors.  The first new thing (circulating heat/air) is good to keep all passengers comfortable (not that I ever really have a ton of passengers).  The second thing is a good way to avoid having keys locked in the car, which is something I have often done with previous vehicles (for which I now always keep a spare key on me).  Though I have to admit that I can see a potential downside to the unlocked doors with the key in the ignition.  That downside is that with the key in the ignition and all the doors unlocked it could be pretty easy for somebody to just get in and drive away with the car (assuming you hadn’t noticed right away that you had left your keys behind).

Anyhow, I am curious if there are other features of my vehicle that I have missed.  Maybe I should go back and review my owner’s manual (probably won’t because it is such dry reading).

~ by Nathaniel on February 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Learning New Things About My Car”

  1. Only you would have two sets of car keys with you. But you realize (of course) that the quantity of objects you carry around in your pockets means you could perform almost any miraculous MacGyver-like escape and rescue, rendering duplicate keys completely superfluous.

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