Calendars . . . Giving Them a Second Look

At work I have been busily sweating it out working on getting a new event calendering system working to the standards of a number of staff.  It had proven to be quite an experience.  People have some major opinions about what a good electronic calendar needs to do and show (eg. events should display in differnet colors; event names should be underlined; Joey shouldn’t be allowed to use calendars; etc).  Of course we run into some major development hurdles to get over, and ultimately I am glad that I am left mostly with just having to teach people how to input events.

All this work with calendars is making me reconsider my personal relationship with the event and schedule keeping devices.  I have always been a very bad calendar keeper, never really putting much effort into keeping them updated and organized.  Fortunately this has never really caused me major problems as I have a good memory and tend to use a lot of sticky notes (which are kind of like random calendar events).  However I suspect my lack of calendar use can be detrimental to others when they ask me what I have going on and I just shrug my shoulders and reply, “I don’t know.”

So I am giving them another shot.  I am updating both my work calendar and my personal calendar and hoping that maybe I will keep better track of things in the future.  I should note that I really don’t have anything against calendars in general (none of that “A calendar killed my father” shit or such) I just happen to be poor at remembering to update them.  Lately it seems like my life has been all sorts of busy and so giving the calendars a second shot might just prove to be worth it.  We’ll see how it goes I guess.

So there, I have just written an almost entirely inane blog post that probably interest only about twenty-seven people in the world (and they all happen to be employed in the calendar creation business).  Well, so it fucking goes I suppose.  If anybody has good suggestions for how to make calendars work the best I’d love to hear it (except for the comment of “get a smart phone.” Damnit! I can’t afford no smart phone and I don’t know if I even like the thought of a phone being “smart” so y’all just leave the thinking machine devices out of any conversations you provide.  Thank ya muchly).

~ by Nathaniel on March 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Calendars . . . Giving Them a Second Look”

  1. I think you need a picture calendar with a different white tiger on each month.

    • Or maybe I just always need to wear an awesome t-shirt with the awesome white tiger on it and people will just get that I am the kind of dude who doesn’t need to rely on trivial things like calendars. I mean, it’s just a thought, if I am looking to commit to the whole white tiger theme and all.

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