A Compilation of a Bunch of Drawings, Doodles, and Sketches

My scanner has been unplugged for a really long time now (since my roommate Dan moved into the house) and so I have not scanned in many drawing for the better part of the last six months.  That being said I finally took the time (a whole fucking three minutes . . . makes me feel like a was a bum not doing it sooner) to set it up the other day and start scanning in a bunch of back drawings, doodles and sketches.  Here are a few that I really like:

Bird Man

Some type of anthropomorphized bird like creature. I like its eye.

Deer head

Supposed to be a deer buck but I think (as Eliza suggested to me) that is has kind of wolf-ish look to it. Maybe it is one of those rare carnivorous deers

Cthulhu concept art

I love Lovecraft stories and Cthulhu has to be one of those great monsters that deserves some respect. That being said, I have been playing around a bit with making my own interpretation of the Great Old One from deep R'lyeh

Plague Doctor

Some while back, say Halloween time, Evan and I got to talking about the plague doctor outfit. I think this drawing came out of that conversation (I also think it was drawn around the same time as the bird man thingy above)

The Serpent

I don't remember drawing this one, but I like it anyways

Workplace Doodle #28

Part of the "Labor Finders" series of workplace doodles. Obviously some type of bear creature . . . who is looking for a job?

Self Portrait Sketch

Another workplace doodle in the "Labor Finders" series. This one is a rough self-portrait. I should clarify that I am not currently in need of utilizing Labor Finder's services

Anyone who is interested in seeing more of my drawings, doodles and sketches can check them out at Pictures of the Apocalypse, my online gallery of images.

~ by Nathaniel on March 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Compilation of a Bunch of Drawings, Doodles, and Sketches”

  1. If that first bird-like creature knocked on my door and tried to sell me something, I would buy it.

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