Preparing a Garden

Coming off the heels of attending the Organic Growers School conference this past weekend (see previous post) Eliza, Dan, our friend Ryan, and I began construction of our shared garden in the back of Ryan’s yard.  I am terribly excited about this project.  We have been planning it out for some months and now the initial layout is complete and ready to have compost lain down and have plants planted in it.  The work on this garden was done on Tuesday and yesterday and I can really only claim a small fraction of the effort because of my day job (kudos to Eliza and Ryan who worked out in the rain yesterday to finish the bed construction).  This is a big garden, 40′ by 40′, and it will have a ton of vegetable plants in it (the produce of which will be split between about three households).  Eliza was smart and brought her camera along for the two days of work and took some photographs of the effort.

Initial Garden layout plan

This is the initial bed layout that Eliza drew out. Ultimately the beds did not come out exactly to this plan, but getting down a detailed and desired design was useful in providing a direction for construction.

Starting Tilling

The beginning of the tilling process. Breaking up the earth and getting it good and ready to be grown in.

Lovely soil

A look at some of the lovely South Carolina red clay soil. It really isn't bad stuff at all, it just needs to be broken up so that plants can grow in it. We will soon be adding a lot of compost too, for extra nutrients.

me tilling

Yours truly, working the tiller. I only contributed tilling to about a quarter of the plot (Ryan did all the rest - MORE THAN ONCE!). Even with my small bit of work my shoulders and back were feeling pretty sore the next day.

Bed construction

Building up beds which will be planted in while also providing plenty of path space for navigation through the garden.

damned root

A fucking huge root which was/is a fucking huge pain in the ass. Right smack-dad in the middle of the garden. Ryan attacked it with a chainsaw and managed to get a good bit of it out of our way.

Completed beds

The beds and paths all completed and ready for the next stage of garden construction. Bring on the compost!

So now our garden is laid-out and ready for compost and plants.  It has been raining pretty good since about noon yesterday so we are currently not doing any more work.  But soon we will go pick up compost and get the garden ready to put plants in it.  April 15th is the date for most planting in SC (not supposed to frost past then) and it is coming up faster than you can believe.  We are all really excited to be working on this project and also about the prospect of delicious organic vegetables in the not-too-distant future.

~ by Nathaniel on March 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Preparing a Garden”

  1. So. Excited.

    Also, that clay was pretty brown from all the dead lawn matter. I think it will all burn off within a single season of growing but we could probably skip the compost this year and still have a respectable garden. If we add the compost it will be spectacular (plus it will keep us from having impoverished soil next season).

  2. Imagine if we had just spread a few zombie seeds in the fall. A little water and the yard would’ve tilled itself. We could have used the same tools to kill the zombies and probably saved time and effort.

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