Seedlings a Sprouting

Our first seedlings for our garden (see this previous post) have begun to sprout.  It feels very exciting to get to watch the little plants pop up in the seed trays.  So far all that we have had sprout are a bunch of tomatoes and some tea hibiscus, but I am sure that more is soon to follow.

This is the first time I have ever really worked closely with seeding vegetable crops (though I saw some of it when I worked at the greenhouse some years back).  Honestly it is time consuming work to grow plants directly from seed and I can understand why a lot of people decide to buy transplants instead of starting their own seed trays.  But that being said, I think there is a definite payoff.  I can watch these seedlings pop up and feel a real pride that the plants we are growing are ones that we have watched from the very beginning (mind you, I think you can still feel pride about transplants in your garden too, you just don’t get that additional seedling pride).

Furthermore, there is something amazing about seeds in general.  Seeds are these little packets of genetic information that when given the right conditions (proper temperatures; water; some nutrients) suddenly transform into a living plant. I think that that is fascinating.  As such watching successful germination feels a bit like a dedication to the pure complexity and success of plants in general.

I am really looking forward to watching these little plants grow bigger and bigger.  I am especially looking forward to when they begin to bear some delicious fruits.

~ by Nathaniel on March 23, 2010.

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