Signs of the Apocalypse: Disappearing Island

A brief blurb of an article from BBC World News, describes the disappearance of New Moore/South Talpatti Island in the Bay of Bengal. The incredibly short article seems to pay a lot of attention to how this “resolves” the disputed territory claims for the island, between India and Bangladesh.  It also mentions some about rising sea levels.

Question time.

  1. Why were India and Bangladesh disputing territory claims over an uninhabited rock?  I’m not saying that the countries don’t have their good reasons, I’m just rather curious as to what they are (I hope something like, “We need at least one more rock for our nation to feel truly legitimate and awesome.”).
  2. Um, an island just disappeared under water due to rising sea levels.  The article doesn’t ignore this, but do you think you played it down enough?  I mean, seriously, it is really quite cut and dry about the whole thing, almost a “oh yeah, um sea levels are rising and islands are disappearing.  You know, same old same old.” It just seems to me that this should be a little more alarming.

But anyhow, yeah, disappearing island folks.  That is your lil’ bit o’ apocalypse for the day.

~ by Nathaniel on March 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Signs of the Apocalypse: Disappearing Island”

  1. Nothing worse than using an island to escape the zombie hordes and then the island slowly starts disappearing.

    • Yeah, I can only imagine that that owuld leave one with a real sour feeling. But as an upside somebody could market a good zombie apocalypse meets Water World movie.

  2. I think it’s all just a marketing ploy from the folks at Lost.

    • J. J. Abrams calmly asks one of his assistant, “How much money do I have?” The assistant replies, “Quite a lot sir.” Abrams rubs his chin thoughtfully, “When you say ‘quite a lot’ are we talking buy my own island a lot?” The assistant considers for a moment and that responds, “Yes sir, I believe you may have enough to do something of that nature.” Abrams grins a devious grin, “Excellent, I have an idea . . . oh and I apologize Marcus but I can’t risk this information getting out.” The assistant’s eyes widen, “What? But sir I can still . . .” Alas it is too lat for him though, for Abrams has calmly pushed the button, which opens the trap door, which lies directly above his personally collect of rare and ravenous Scandinavian Rage Squirrels.

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