Question: Does One Chop Wood With a $500 Axe?

That’s the question at hand folks . . . is it done?  Behold the Best Made Company’s The National Axe, which commemorates Canada’s Olympic hockey victory this year, and has a lovely half-grand price tag.  Now don’t get me wrong, that is one lovely looking axe and all, but do you think an owner of such a costly tool would actually use it for its intended purpose; that, of course, being the chopping of stuff, specifically wood?

Honestly I don’t mind commemorative objects that are kept outside of their original intent (though I can’t claim to own any myself).  I guess if you want to remember something and a $500 axe does it for you than cool beans and all.  And listen, if you really are in the mood for a lovely looking axe, The Best Made Company really does do some lovely work (as they should with a starting price of $200).  But I think there always must come a moment of the practical question.  The simple, “Is this really going to make my work any better?”  Who knows really, it might all just be a matter of style.

And really, they are quite lovely axes right?

The National Axe

Canada won the Olympic Hockey Gold Medal . . . check out this axe to commemorate the victory.

Note: I want to point out that I think The Best Made Company has a wonderfully designed website.  They know how to stick to a marketing theme and it seems to work well for them.  However I cannot afford (remotely) to dish out $200 on an axe, or any other tools really (also I am not even sure if I have any need for an axe now or any time soon).

~ by Nathaniel on March 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Question: Does One Chop Wood With a $500 Axe?”

  1. I love everything about this company. Their philosophy, style, and work is all top notch. If they want to charge $500 for an ax and someone wants to pay. I say do it all day.

    • Agreed in all aspects. But the question at hand is whether you’d actually chop wood with that half-grand axe? Personally I’d be twrrified of breaking the handle or something (though I am sure that they are really really quality made axes handles).

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