Pride for the City . . . We Are Feeling Lucky

There is something that really makes you feel proud when you read an article about your home town in a wide reaching publication like Time Magazine.  I think that pride increases many fold when you personally know several of the people who are intimately involved in the details.

The rundown (for those of you who decided not to read the above linked article):  Greenville, SC is competing with a number of other cities throughout the country to get Google to build their super high-speed fiber-optic network here.  My friends Aaron and Evan and several others thus spearheaded a “We Are Feeling Lucky” campaign in Greenville, in hopes of catching some of Google’s attention.  And now Time Magazine has written an article about our little city.

For all those people who are involved in the effort.  For all people who helped organize making the human Google chain.  For all those people who believe that Greenville is more than worthy of this kind of attention.  I commend you all.  Greenville is a lovely community with a lot of potential.  Seeing people, many of them friends, work with such fervor and pride in their city deserves some high praise.

And even if in the end Google doesn’t end up here (which would be a great shame in my humble opinion) I think that all of Greenville should still say, “Yeah, we are feeling luck . . . lucky to have such awesome citizens who are willing to put so much time and effort into bringing our home the attention it deserves.”  Go Greenville!


1. Google, if some how you (the entire entity and all) end up reading this blog post, I must seriously stress that I think Greenville would be a fantastic community for you to set up shop.  I know the opinion of a single blogger might not mean much, but hey, I’m a blogger and I sure as hell intend to express it.

2. Aaron, reading a description of you that follows as “the baby-faced 31-year-old tech developer who spearheaded the effort to get Google’s attention . . .” really tickles my fancy.  Great job dude!  I think so many people are so impressed with all of your (and everybody elses) efforts to bring Greenville the attention it richly deserves.

~ by Nathaniel on April 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Pride for the City . . . We Are Feeling Lucky”

  1. We are all proud of our baby-faced friend.

  2. Thanks for the ingotmative post.

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