Edisto Camping 2010

Well I disappeared for a few more consecutive days and things seem to be doing a-okay out here in the blogosphere . . . or something like that anyway.

Anhow, I was off camping on Edisto Island for several days (starting on last Thursday – the 20th – until yesterday – the 24th).  It was a wonderful time just getting away and getting to enjoy the outdoors for a bit.  I went with Eliza and her daughter and generally just enjoyed the coastal Carolina atmosphere.

A few things.

1.  This was my first time, in my nearly three years living here, of being to the South Carolina coast.  It is a little embarrassing, as people have been singing it’s praise for a long time now, but hell, sometimes you have just got to take your time getting around to a good thing like this.

2.  It has easily been four or five years since I last went camping and so that experience was also really fun again.

3.  Wildlife on Edisto is amazing.  Just a running list of things that I saw that really excited me.

  • Broad-headed Skink; the largest lizard in South Carolina.
  • Five-lined Skink; Pretty common but still fun to see.
  • Green Anoles; Also quite common.
  • Glass Lizard; Fast as lightning so didn’t get to confirm exact species, but this was definitely not a snake and that distinctive glass lizard shape.  I was terribly excited about this.
  • Smooth Green Snake; Also super fast.  I kicked a branch while I was in the woods and this fellow slithered out.  A beautiful little snake and the only serpent I saw in the wild on this trip.
  • Whimbrels; These might have been the strangest sightings because according to all guides I’ve looked into they should have migrated back north some time ago.  But they were unmistakable from multiple sightings.  Fascinating little birds.
  • Tri-colored Herons; Very cool looking herons.  Somewhat similar to great blue herons, but smaller and with more distinct coloration.
  • Great Egrets; Beautiful, large, white egrets.  Saw quite a lot of them.
  • Green Herons; Saw a pair of them in a tree.  Pure luck in sighting them.
  • Wood Storks; Saw a couple of these large and strange birds out in the marshes.
  • Brown Pelicans;  Lots of them flying over the beaches at regular intervals.  These are impressively large birds.
  • Laughing Gulls;  Utterly ubiquitous but entertaining nevertheless.
  • Skimmers; Strange birds with impressive under-bites.
  • A Sandpiper; Just one, not sure of specific kind.
  • Fiddler Crabs; Everywhere in the marshes.
  • A very annoying Raccoon who terrorized our campsite the last night.

4. We got to visit a really cool place called the Edisto Island Serpentarium which has an amazing collection of SC’s native reptiles (as well as a few other exotic reptiles).  Without going into a long description of all that was amazing at this spot, I will leave it at this; watching hundreds of snakes consume hundreds of white mice in a matter of minutes is both utterly disturbing and yet absolutely fascinating.

5. Monday we went to Charleston for a little bit before heading abck to Greenville.  Damn, what a cool town.  We took a carriage tour of the city which was really fascinating and we got to go out to the battery park and look out at the harbor for a bit.  I am really lookingforward to going back to that town for future exploration and enjoyment.

All and all it was a good vacation with lots of sun, good food (camping cooked as well as Charleston seafood), and no computers for five days (which I guess kind of makes this blog post ironic . . . or something?).

Anyway, I’m back, and need to get back into the writing swing.  I’ve been lax lately.  I’ll see what I can offer.


~ by Nathaniel on May 26, 2010.

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