Big Brewing May 2010

Well this past Saturday (May 29th) I went and hung out with my good friends Brian and Nicole for another Big Brewing Day (though not like the officially recognized nationwide big brewing day, just a day where we brewed a lot of beer).  For this big brewing Brian and I decided to give the gruit style (see a previous big brewing) another shot.

Our first attempt, a little less than a year ago, ended up with mixed results (mine was soured and really only recently seems to have achieved drinkability, Brian’s was okay, but kind of a strong medicinal flavor), so our hope is that a second time around will produce a more controlled and desired beverage. We split a 10 gallon batch and here is the main recipe:

11 lbs 2-row
4.5 lbs Munich
2 lbs wheat
0.5 lbs peat smoked 2-row
0.5 lbs roasted barley
-60 min-
15 fresh Bay leaves
1/2 oz star anise
-30 min-
1.5 oz Juniper berries
1.0 oz cardamom seeds
2 grams Sweet Gale
1/4 oz caraway seeds
1/2 oz fresh rosemary
-10 min-
1.5 oz Juniper berries
2 grams Sweet Gale
1/2 oz fresh rosemary
1.0 oz fresh ginger root

The only point of divergence (thus far) between Brian and my batch is that Brian used Scottish Ale yeast and I used British Ale yeast.  We’ll see how this comes out as far as differing the flavor.  This is a relatively low gravity be coming in with an OG of 1.052.  Tasting some of the wort and it was apparent that the herbs have really instilled a flavor.  Mine is well on it’s brewing way, bubbling about and giving off a good fragrance.  Can’t wait to check out the finished products.

~ by Nathaniel on May 30, 2010.

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