26 and 3

Well, I’ve made it to my 26th year of life. And seeing that I am still here in Greenville, SC that means three years of southern living have been reached.  I find it pretty impressive really.  I had no clue that I’d be living in South Carolina for three years (and likely more) back when I was growing up.

Things have been pretty good over the past year; new roommates (same house), more beer brewing (and drinking), a steady relationship, a car that still works and a job that still pays.  Really no major complaints (except for maybe the whole fucked up medical system we live with.  And I’m not talking Obama’s stuff, I’m talking the shitty status quo).

But anyway, just sitting here this morning, drinking my coffee and considering that I have officially passed the midway threshold of my 20s and am now working on my way to thirty (but I still have four years till that).

Have to work today, training a new library employee.  Nothing special, but it ain’t that bad either.  It’s life, I keep trying to take it as it is, and I feel like I maintain a general contentment in that.

~ by Nathaniel on June 2, 2010.

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