Disconcerting SPAM Openning Lines

Listen, nobody likes SPAM email and I am no exception, but general I just ignore the lot of it, whether it is for college courses on the cheap or guaranteed penis enlargement, or whatever else have you.  All that being said, I have had a few SPAM messages slip through at work lately (there have been some glitches with our filtering that is being worked on) that bother me more than any other I think I have ever encountered.

So what was it?  Something so utterly vile that to speak it would be beyond any morally attributable character?  No.  Actually all it was was an openning line that read “How are you bud?”

Simple, not really offensive, and yet it throws me off.  The reason why is because this is how most of my conversations begin with my father.  The whole familial level of conversation in something that is junk and seeks to take advantage of the unwitting is utterly disturbing to my higher sense of propriety.  Of course I am to no degree fooled by the SPAM but still, it is an affront to some sense of sanctity that I have.

Sometimes I wish, that beyond just blocking a SPAM message, email provides had an additional button that said “Send the Bird to the fucker who SPAMed you”  and when you clicked on it, that fucker would just get a big ol’ picture of somebody flicking them off (also it would be like a really huge JPEG so that it takes a nice amount of time to open).  Yeah, that would be nice.

~ by Nathaniel on June 8, 2010.

One Response to “Disconcerting SPAM Openning Lines”

  1. If it is regular spam the bird option would be nice but for the Nigerian scam type of spam you can report to http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

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