Actually Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Mark Bittman is always a pleasure and he takes on a very simple bit of eatery with his Minimalist video this week, a real grilled cheese sandwich.  It does kind of make you wonder why we call them grilled cheese when, more often than not, we are not actually grilling them (growing up they were always made either in a frying pan or in our toaster oven).  Is it just a matter of semantics? 

In college it was a common procedure to use a George Foreman Grill to make a grilled cheese sandwich.  Question: Is a George Foreman Grill actually a grill?  I mean, I am pretty inclined to say yes, but I also know some pretty serious grillers who might think that such an indoor electric device is a form of sacrilege (not to mention the constand debate between gas or coal grilling).  Honestly, I just found using the Foreman really easy and convenient (also, I am still amazed that the university allowed us to have the grills in our dorm rooms, I suspect that was a little bit of safety oversight, but it certainly didn’t bother me any).

Anyways, however you makes it, there really isn’t much better than a good ol’ grilled cheese sandwich.  They are so good!

~ by Nathaniel on June 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Actually Grilled Cheese Sandwich”

  1. While I love grilled cheese sandwiches, you really should have a waring about not burning the holy crap out of the top of your mouth like I usually do. LOL

    • Agreed on many levels. We often, in our excitement, overlook the fact that the content of such sandwich is nothing but molten cheese.

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