Philosophy Friday? Sure . . .

Well, it’s Friday and I feel like I have not written as much this week as last week so let me offer you a little bit of fun reading through a few good sites.  It’s philosophy Friday folks (also all this alliteration is absolutely awful).

First, found earlier this week (maybe last week) is  I am really fond of this site.  It is simple, clean, and offers some great stuff to think about.  I think what I really like about it is that it provides readers with very grounded philosophical contemplations.  Often I fear that what deters most people from pursuing further philosophical thought is this idea that it is all stuffy and complex esoteric material that is a bit much to chew on. keeps it nice and neat, while still answering questions and providing readers with new ideas and materials for further reading.  My only critique is that (as far as I can tell) the site does not offer a way for readers to comment or ask further questions from the various responses to questions that are provided.  This bothers me some because as I have been following the site in my RSS reader I have read a number of responses that I wish to either ask a further question about, or actually challenge.  However, this is not an absolute failing of the site, which as a whole is wonderful.

Next is a blog that I was just introduced to last night.  It is called Camels with Hammers.  It contains a whole lot of pieces on a wide variety of philosophical topics, a lot of it with a general atheist leaning (which is fine by me and my general non-theist views, though I don’t think an atheist leaning should be any deterrent to any thoughtful theists who appreciate well thought out arguments and contemplations).  I appreciate how carefully constructed and sound the posts seem to be.  I also like the Camels with Hammers Philosophy which pretty much sums up all the views contained within.  Not everything on the full blog is philosophically centered (there is a lot about music, pop culture, etc. too), but there is definitely a predominantly philosophical theme.  It is good stuff . . . and you can comment!

Okay, an oldie but still a goodie (and one I know I’ve mentioned on the General many times before).  The Stanford  Encyclopedia of Philosophy is an amazing resource for getting overviews on just about any philosophical topic you can think up.  Now, this is not a comprehensive resource and if you are looking to know a lot about Plato’s Forms of Neitzsche’s Übermensch then you are definitely going to ned to check some further resources (like the philosopher’s actual material maybe?).  However the SEP offers a great starting point for anybody with any general interest in philosophical topics.  I am constantly reading the updated posts found within.

I feel like I have been on a pretty major philosophy kick lately.  Not that that is in any way a bad thing.  I’m enjoying it.  I do however feel like I need to go back to some of the sources of my own philosophical views (esp. Camus and  Nietzsche) to get some of my ideas more concretely put down (actually what I really need to do is put down more ideas in general).  Anyhow, this blog, and especially my “Contemplation” posts, has provided me with a great place for further articulation of personal ideas and thoughts.

Hope everybody has a good weekend and a nice 4th of July (well unless you happen to not be an American, thus making the day probably not that special to you . . . unless it’s your birthday or some crazy cataclysmic event occurs).

~ by Nathaniel on July 2, 2010.

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