Suggested Concept: Subliminae

Sometimes potentially interesting ideas develop out of relatively mundane occurrences.  Allow me to offer to you the idea of subliminae and its relatively humble origins.

Evan and I were talking on gchat last week and at some point I meant to type something about subliminal messages, but missed the concluding L on subliminal leaving me with sublimina.  Evan commented that he liked the sound of sublimina and from there things went forth.  Evan suggested the final version of our concept being subliminae.

So what is our proposed concept of subliminae?  The best way that I can sum it up is that the subliminae is that cultural or social undercurrent that stands in contrast to a zeitgeist and pop culture of a time, but which, however, has profound influence and effect on the attitude and happening of the time.  If the zeitgeist and popular culture of a time is readily apparent and easily attributed then the subliminae would be those underlying attitudes and ideas that are influencing the society and culture.  I think that the study of subliminae would be a somewhat challenging one because much of it would, by its nature, be hidden by the much more apparent trends.  In this way the subliminae may be a kind of cultural unconscious state of a societal psychology.

I like this idea, even in that I find it a little challenging to frame in a reference.  I’d love to hear ideas of various historical subliminae and how a concept like this could be employed into a greater historical perspective.

~ by Nathaniel on August 23, 2010.

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