Ode to the Nap

Perhaps some what in the same vein as my recent post on whether Americans should be taking more vacation time (and certainly in regards to my piece “Contemplation: Lay Back, Take a Nap” written a little less than a year ago) I am pleased to point readers to the Room for Debate discussion “To Nap or Not to Nap.”

As I expressed in my contemplation piece almost a year ago I am a great lover of napping and I choose to regularly pursue the pleasures that a nice little nap give me (though, admittedly, with my busy schedule I do not get to nap as much as I think I’d prefer to).  The discussion provided in the Room for Debate piece is quite interesting with both a pro-napping crowd and some very obvious anti-napping stances.  I cannot really weigh in beyond my personal bias that says “naps are great and I feel my life is much improved by them.”  I find myself particularly fond of William Anthony’s description of America as a “nappist society,” and his pointing out that “College students, in particular, have turned napping into an art form” (I totally should have gotten a minor in napping during my college career considering that I tended to create my semester schedule around the ideal napping time opportunities).

Anyway, I will continue my stance on the pro-napping front, and dream of the day when I might be able to take a half an hour snooze to regain some energy for the afternoon work day.

~ by Nathaniel on September 7, 2010.

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