The Art of the Op-Ed

While celebrating its 40th anniversary, we are offered another look at The new York Times Op-Ed, not at what was written, but instead what was drawn, painted, illustrated or what have you.  A wonderful and visually stunning look at the art of the Op-Ed. 

I, being a heavy reader of The New York Times, am often enjoying the various Op-Ed pieces provided, but, I admit, I often overlook the fabulous illustrations that accompany many of the Op-Ed pieces.  The video I have linked above provides some great first hand accounts of the decisions the led to the inclusion of art in the Op-Ed section, as well as a look at many of the utterly fantastic and moving pieces of artwork that have been included over the past four decades.  It is a minute gallery of artistic commentary and stunning works.  Watching the video there is a definite emotional aspect to it.  the art, much of it just black and white, rough lines, is moving and evocative.

As an appreciator of both good ideas and opinions, and skilled art, everything about the ten minute video is worth it.  it is a wonderful piece of visual journalistic history.   Dear New York Times, if you collect a lot of that together and publish a book, I will happily pursue its ownership.

~ by Nathaniel on September 27, 2010.

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