Why I am Beginning to Hate Columbus Day

In my mind if a holiday or other annually dated observance (birthday, anniversary, etc.) consistently presents frustration, upset, anger, and the like, it eventually becomes a hated and dreaded date, hard to disassociate from the unfortunate occurrences.  With that said I suggest a consecutive strike basis for when I can really hate a particular date. One strike is no biggie, especially if the next year redeems itself.  Two strikes are starting to get annoying and creating some skepticism, three strikes and the holiday (or what have you) is boot, and will have to work fucking hard to make itself worthwhile again. Now I stress that these strikes need to be consecutive, because otherwise they can just appear as arbitrary bad luck (though I guess if you amass enough of them over the years then this might be a moot point, consecutive or not).

So enter Columbus Day (the US Observed holiday) for me.  Now, besides the fact that it is kind of a dumb holiday to begin with (seriously Chris Columbus was not that much of a saint.  Read about him sometime.  A professor in college suggested to me that the holiday should be renamed “Genocide of Indigenous Peoples Day”).  But, besides its kind of crappy holiday status, is that during the past two years (leading to my growing hate) I have been screwed over by Columbus Day simply because Post Offices are not open.

Okay, I admit, this is something that I should probably try to remember.  But here is the thing.  Lots of other places are open on Columbus Day (because it is a stupid holiday to begin with) and so this creates a confusing expectation of what one can or cannot do on the day.  For example, one can go to the library or school or what have you.  Heck, even the Stock exchange is open!  But, do not dare try to send a letter.

Listen, I don’t even like the USPS all that much to begin with (in fact I was bemoaning its existence earlier today).  But alas, there are still a few occasions when I need to use its services and it is a major pain in the ass when they are not open.  Two years of this stupid holiday screwing me in the same way.  Dear Columbus Day, I am thoroughly starting to think you suck!

Now Leif Erikson Day (this past Saturday), that is a dam good holiday.  Mr. Erikson was a viking and that equals a big ol’ AWESOME!

~ by Nathaniel on October 11, 2010.

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